Male Portrait

I had the pleasure of working with Rachel for about four years on an IT team. She is dedicated, trustworthy, and customer-focused. Rachel cares about her work and her peers. She has a willingness to learn and is not hesitant to ask questions or make suggestions.

Joey Brewer

Stacy Bogan Headshot.jpg

Rachel has proven to be a productive and dependable employee. She is always willing to help out others. She has a vast knowledge of all our customers. Rachel has great customer service skills. I think she would be a valuable member of any organization she is part of.

Stacy Bogan

Portrait of Senior Woman

Rachel is creative and funny, but she takes work seriously. She is reliable, trustworthy, and likes to be challenged by her assignments. She is comfortable with very detailed work and still gets her work done in a timely manner. The work she did for us will continue to be used by the department for many years.

Lucy Patrick